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Federal Grant To Help Plan New Bridge At Scene Of Deadly Metrolink Collision In Ventura County

Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn announces $1.5 million dollar federal grant to upgrade Rice Avenue rail crossing

It’s the scene of a deadly collision involving a Metrolink train and a vehicle in Ventura County, and is one of the busiest rail crossings in the region.

Now, a $1.5 million dollar federal grant is going to help fund planning for a new bridge to permanently separate rail, and vehicle traffic at Rice Avenue, and Fifth Street in Oxnard.

The money will fund planning for the project at Rice Avenue, and Fifth Street in Oxnard. There will be a six lane bridge with sidewalks, and bike lanes on Rice Avenue which will cross over the top of the railroad tracks, as well as Fifth Street. The existing crossing will be closed.

It will in effect provide a permanent separating for the average of 14 trains, and 35,000 vehicles using the crossing daily.

The project could take years to complete, with an estimated $40 million dollar price tag.  Even if the money were available today, it would take an estimated four to six years to complete.