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Two Women Accused Of Child Endangerment After Infant Found On Ventura County Street

Two women were arrested on child endangerment charges after a sheriff’s deputy found a child abandoned on a Ventura County street. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department just released details about the incident.

The officer spotted a stroller with a child inside in the street on the 1100 block of Los Serenos Drive in Fillmore Monday afternoon. A witness told the officer he saw two women arguing, and both leaving in different directions with the stroller being left in the street. With temperatures close to 90 degrees, the deputy took the child to the Fillmore Police Station.

An investigation led officers to the child’s mother, Marisela Aguilar, and the child’s aunt, Elida Aguilar. Both Fillmore women were arrested on child endangerment charges, and the child was placed with a relative.