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Health Care Network On South Coast Sets Up New 24 Hour Medical Advice Hotline


A health care network which serves nearly 200,000 people on the South Coast has set up a new 24-hour information hotline for its members, which allows them to talk to a nurse.

Gold Coast Health Plan has registered nurses available to field questions about coronavirus and other health issues.  If the member is sick, the nurses can help them determine if they can take care of themselves at home, or need to go to urgent care.

With medical facilities swamped, the Gold Coast hotline is intended to help people get information, especially those who may not actually need to see a doctor.

Gold Coast is the health care network for nearly 190,000 Med-Cal beneficiaries in Ventura County. 

Hotline numbers:  1-805-437-5001.  Toll Free Number:  1-877-431-1700

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