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South Coast University Gets $10 Million Dollars For Oceans Initiative

UCSB's Beniff Ocean Initiative will try to take on issues facing the world's oceans, and come up with practical solutions

A South Coast university has received a $10 million dollar grant for a new program to look at problems facing our oceans, and to develop practical ways to address them.

UC Santa Barbara is launching what’s known as the Benioff Ocean Initiative. It will bring researchers studying the ocean together with students to come up with science based solutions to issues like garbage in the ocean, and overfishing.

The idea is to bring together those interested in helping the oceans, and giving them the resources to develop practical plans to tackle the problems they face.

The initiative is funded by Marc and Lynn Benioff. He’s the chairman and CEO of Salesforce, a major software company. She’s on the Board of Directors of Hampton Creek, which makes healthy plant based foods.

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