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Group Challenges State Decision To Allow Continued Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Operation


A group unhappy with a plan to shut down the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant over a nine year period has filed a lawsuit seeking the plant's immediate shutdown.

The Santa Barbara-based World Business Academy announced that it filed suit against the California Lands Commission over the issue.

Earlier this summer, a coalition of environmental groups and PG & E, the owner of Diablo, announced they’d reached agreement on a plan to shut down the plant by 2025, when current operating permits expire.

The company had been in the process of seeking new permits to extend the plant’s life. The company and the groups argued that the time was needed for an orderly shutdown, because of the complex planning needed for Diablo’s decommissioning.

The State Lands Commission agreed, unanimously extending leases on land necessary for the plant’s operation.

But, the World Business Academy claims the continued operation of the plant over the next nine years poses a risk, and that the Commission should have conducted a full environmental review over the lease extension.

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