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Santa Barbara County Officials Speak Out On Land Use Talks With Chumash Tribe

Santa Barbara County Supervisors Peter Adam and Doreen Farr say they are preparing an update to the full Board of Supervisors about their talks with the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians.

The supervisors are part of a smaller committee to look into issues as part of their talks with the tribe and the supervisors continue to recognize the tribe's sovereign status.

The talks are about land use issues in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Some of the issues involve the Camp Four property on the east side of Highway 154 - land the tribe owns and where it is interested in building housing for tribal members.

The supervisors say they would like to talk about all land the tribe owns in the valley but the talks have been limited instead, and they say they did not cut off talks on March 3rd.

Tribal leaders have attended the meetings to discuss their plans and also funds they will put back into the community in many areas.

In the past they have funded many needs relating to schools, traffic management, and public safety. So far there have been seven discussions.

There is also a tribal application to the government regarding the need for more housing and the plans ahead.

The tribe has assured the local community and the county leaders there would be no gaming on the new housing property.