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COVID-19 Case Count Declining On Central, South Coasts, But Concern High About Super Bowl Gatherings


Public health officials on the Central and South coasts say we are seeing more encouraging signs that the COVID-19 holiday surge is winding down.

But, there’s concern is high about how people in the region will treat Super Bowl Sunday.  Public health department in the region are urging people to watch the game at home, and not to have big gatherings.  And, they say if you do have people over, do it outside with masks.

818 new COVID-19 cases were reported Friday on the Central and South Coasts.  While it’s still a lot of people, the numbers have been trending down the last two weeks.  The latest numbers push the region’s total since the start of the pandemic past the 120,000 mark.

And, there was another grim reminder of the dangers of the virus, with 22 deaths related reported in the three counties.  Ventura County had 16, while Santa Barbara County reported four and San Luis Obispo County two.