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Three Day New Coronavirus Case Count On Central, South Coasts Tops 800


It was a rough weekend for the Central and South Coasts as far as new coronavirus cases are concerned.  807 cases were reported in the region for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. 

Ventura County had 433 additional cases over the three days, Santa Barbara County 162 and San Luis Obispo County 212.  It pushes the three-county total over the 32,000 mark since the start of the pandemic.

Ventura County stands at 16,462 cases, Santa Barbara County 10,577, and San Luis Obispo County 5250.

Four new coronavirus related deaths were reported over the weekend, with two in Santa Barbara County and one each in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.  It brings the region’s total to 340 deaths.  Ventura County has had 173, Santa Barbara County 133, and San Luis Obispo County 34.