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Young Musician Uses Coronavirus Lockdown As Motivation For New Musical Work


If you walk through the streets of a Conejo Valley neighborhood, you might hear some faint music coming from a home. When you step through the home's front door, you realize it’s live.  Sean Alexander of Thousand Oaks is a promising young trumpet player, hoping for a career as a professional musician, with an orchestra.  But, coronavirus has forced him to make some adjustments.

He’s been a part of music institutes in Aspen, the National Symphony, and even performed at New York's Carnegie Hall. But, getting there means hours and hours of practice every single day. That normally won’t be an issue, but with coronavirus, and everyone working from home, there’s no escape from the sound for his family.

Sean’s father, Chris Alexander, says it has been a bit of a balancing act,  but they've made it work.

Sean says not being able to practice with others has been challenging, but out of the lockdown and isolation has come an unique original arrangement of a song, featuring nothing but trumpets.    It's a version of the Theme from Howl's Moving Castle "Merry Go Round of Life"

In fact, if features six trumpet works, all played by him.  You can listen to his original arrangement  of “The Merry Go Round Of Life” at: