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What Starts As School Art Project Focused On Coronavirus In Ventura County Turns Into Museum Exhibit

Elijah Green's work is one of the 15 pieces in the "Life Interrupted" virtual exhibition hosted by the California Museum Of Art Thousand Oaks

The coronavirus crisis has been challenging.  It’s forced many people to come up with creative solutions to many things we usually take for granted.  In Ventura County, one school’s effort to come up with a way to teach art remotely not only led to some unique works, but to a one of a kind museum exhibition.

Anna Wadman is the chair of the Visual Arts Department at Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village.  She says when they had to move to remote teaching, they realized that it would be difficult to do art classes.  They decided they would try to do something that would connect with students, by having them do projects about how coronavirus was affecting them.  The school’s art students embraced the project. 

Wadman says the online art show is giving the community a window into how a younger generation, Generation Z, is interpreting the coronavirus crisis.

Wadman says the exhibition features mixed media from drawings to animated films.

“Life Interrupted” gives people some unique insight into how our kids, the generation born after 1997, sees the crisis we are all experiencing.  Link to "Life Interrupted" exhibition: