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Unemployment Dips Slightly On Central, South Coasts But Still In Double Digits

Just released numbers show a slight dip in unemployment on the Central and South Coast, but it’s still the highest it’s been years as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

The jobless rate for Ventura County was 13.5% in May, down from 13.9% in April.  But, compare that to Ventura County’s 3.7% jobless rate in February,

Santa Barbara County had a 12.9% unemployment rate in May.  That’s down from 13.9% in April.  In February, the county’s jobless rate was 4.6%.  And, San Luis Obispo County has a 12.7% unemployment rate, down from 14% in April.

Statewide, unemployment stands at 16.3%, down just one tenth of a percent from April.