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Gas Stations Take Steps To Prevent Coronavirus, Including Pump Wipedowns And Cashier Barriers


Following the example of some major grocery stores that are putting plastic shields between clerks and customers, some gas stations are doing the same thing.

Price Management owns a number of gas stations in the Santa Barbara and Goleta area, including franchise locations of Shell, Fuel Depot, and Chevron.

Their stations now have employees out amongst the pumps, wiping down the handles and the buttons after every use.

This week, they'll also be installing plexiglass barriers between the clerks and the customers as a shield against coronavirus transmission.

As gas prices go down and consumers drive less miles because of stay at home measure, John Price and his team say they remain focused on keeping customers safe at the pumps.

All of the stations Price directs have convenience stores as well, which have seen an uptick in business.

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