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New App From South Coast National Park Allows Digital Visits


With coronavirus cases surging in the state, one South Coast National Park is offering a digital way to visit.

The Channel Islands National Park Service’s new app will help explorers - both digital and in person - tour the islands and see what services are available.

Park Ranger Derek Lohuis says that parks are preparing for an uptick in visitors as international travel is cancelled.

“That was one of the reasons to get the app out as soon as possible, was to be able to provide information for that increased visitation we are expecting,” Lohuis says. 

For those that are going to stay in, the app also offers a digital exploration option.

“If you don’t feel comfortable visiting the park now, or can’t, or you live far away, you can take a virtual tour and learn all about the park resources,” says Lohuis.

The app is available for free online.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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