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Still Rolling: South Coast City To Allow Vehicle-Based July Fourth Parade

Not all Fourth of July activities on the South Coasts are being cancelled.

Kathi King with the Montecito Association says the Village 4th Parade in Montecito used to be small, with vehicles and walk-in entries.

While the walk-in aspect has been removed, they now have 30 vehicles set to be decorated and ready to drive around an expanded parade route in Montecito.

"We have a lot of first responders in the parade, we have a lot of fun, old vehicles, like old convertible Jaguars, we have some military vehicles," King says.

Maps of the parade route are available on their website and social media, in local newspapers, and posted on windows of area businesses.

The Association says they want spectators to keep their distance, wear a mask, and wave a flag.

"There's a lot of opportunities to pop out and wave, and see it go by," King says.

The event will be escorted by the highway patrol.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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