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Influx Of New Hikers On South Coast Increases Demand On Search And Rescue

As many people try find spaces for recreation, hiking trails have become more popular on the South Coast, especially in areas where beaches are closed.

With that increased popularity comes new challenges, for both the new hikers and people involved in keeping the trails safe.

The Santa Barbara Search and Rescue Team says that in recent weeks, they've had three times as many calls as they normally would have. 

Many of the calls are from lost or injured hikers.

The all-volunteer Search and Rescue Team trains regularly and they have knowledge of rope rescue, along with strong familiarity with the layout of the trails.

They also lends a hand to firefighters who respond to these calls, especially when the person being rescued is in a tricky or precarious location. 

Hikers are urged to take precautions when heading out, including letting other people know where they're going, carrying a cell phone on their person, and keeping plenty of water on hand.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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