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10 Authors With Autism Tell Stories Of Their Experience In Book Published On South Coast

Sandra Dubois

For some people with autism, telling their stories to the world can be difficult, but a university on the South Coast recently publishe da book that compiles the stories of 10 authors with autism.

Dillan Barmache is a sophomore psychology student at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. Because he is nonspeaking, his earlier education was not easy.

“I could never express even simple thoughts because no one would even think I was capable to do that,” Barmache says.

Now, Barmache speaks through a device that lets him turn his written thoughts in automated speech.

He and 9 other authors will tell the stories of their struggles with autism in a book edited by the director of the Autism and Communication Center at his school. The book’s publication was celebrated Saturday at the university.

“It means a lot to me, because I have the great hope that my story will show the world that autistic people must be respected as fully capable individuals with valued minds.”

Barmache says he hopes the book will help other autistic people find their voices.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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