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South Coast City Gets New Computer-Assisted Emergency Dispatch System

Santa Barbara City Firefighters are now going to be responding faster than ever.

A new computer-assisted dispatch system will have crews get information virtually at the same time as it arrives into the 911 center.

As soon as the dispatcher gets a call and types in information, the computer will assign the call to stations and alert those fire engines.

The system delivers its announcements with a digitized copy of a human voice, which had to be inputted with the names of more than 2000 streets.

The new technology could shave off 30-40 seconds from dispatch and response times.

In addition to the rapid dispatch the system provides, the fire crews will be receiving a message on their cell phones, and on the in-vehicle electronics.

The additional information will help them be ready before they arrive at the accident, medical emergency, or fire.

The cost of the system is said to be $400,000, which will be paid for by a voter-approved 1 cent sales tax known as Measure C.