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South Coast College Opens New Resource Center For Undocumented Students

Courtesy Oxnard College
Students and staff attend the opening of Oxnard College's Dream Resource Center

As students up and down the South Coast get ready to go back to school, undocumented students have a road ahead that’s more difficult than most. 

But, one college on the South Coast is trying to help ease the burden on those students.

That effort comes from Oxnard College, where undocumented students heading back to school Monday will have new resources available at the school’s Dream Resource Center.

Oscar Cobian, Vice President of Student Development, says the first step for the new center is letting the students to know what options are open to them.

“Many times students are not aware that there’s all these resources: counseling, our mental health services on campus, tutoring, and also financial aid,” Cobian says. 

In addition to the services the Center will provide, Cobian says it also makes a statement.

“Knowing that there’s a resource on campus to help guide them I think is very powerful, it’s a powerful statement," Cobian says. "Especially in this political climate”

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.