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Massive Effort Underway To Clear South Coast Debris Basins Filled Up By Recent Storms

More than 100 trucks were on the move out of the hills of Montecito on Wednesday, taking sediment out of debris basins that were filled up during the last round of rain.

Some of the key catch-basins up on the hills were starting to fill up with boulders, rocks, trees, and other detritus that could cause them to overflow their banks in the event of another heavy rain.

The trucks are driving the sediment over to Buellton, a site on Foothill Road in Goleta, and down to Ash Avenue in Carpinteria.

At the Carpinteria site, bulldozers are pushing the sediment out into the surfline, where the current will take it down the coast.

According to Santa Barbara County's Public Works Department, this process will be going on for another three weeks at least.