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Three-In-One: Some New Santa Barbara Businesses Work To Increase Chances Of Success By Sharing Home

Some new South Coast businesses are trying an inovative approach to becoming successful, by joining with other businesses to share a home.

Tyger Tyger Thai/Vietnamese food, Dart Coffee and Monkeyshine Soft Serve restaurants have all clustered at 136 East Yanonali Street.

The operators say sharing an address is a creative concept that can work especially well for those who can't afford rent on their own.

The place has personality that fits the area of town, with round pink lantern lights all around.

Recently another cluster of businesses opened at 1129 State Street, with more multi-use food and drink sites, including donuts, juice and beer.

Another business cluster is in the final stages of setup in what was formerly a large autoparts store on the 400 block of State Street, an area that had previously been searching for a fresh look.

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