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Homeless Veterans Get Help During Event On South Coast

Volunteer dentists treat homeless veterans at Ventura County Stand Down

About 150 men and women -- who served our country but are now living on the streets -- have been getting a little bit of help on the South Coast. 

The Ventura County Stand Down was held over the weekend at the Army National Guard Armory in Ventura. Homeless veterans received free services including dental work; medical screenings; optometry exams; psychological, legal and employment counseling; clean clothes; hot meals and a place to sleep for three nights and two days.

“Makes me feel like we’re appreciated,” said Robert Mendiola, an army veteran who was shot during the Gulf War.

It's not easy living on the streets for these veterans.

"Sometimes when you have to ask for food, people look at you like you’re just a loser – without even knowing who you really are,” he said.

The goal is to help veterans break out of the cycle of homelessness.