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Police Visit South Coast Bars And Clubs To Increase Drunk Driving Awareness

A new program to educate drinkers about the risks they may pose to the public will be rolled out in Santa Barbara this weekend.

The program is called "Know Your Limit," and is funded by a special grant from the office of traffic safety.

Santa Barbara police will have officers interacting with bar and nightclub guests to talk to them about the problems associated with drinking and driving.

The officers will then ask patrons if they can guess their level of intoxication, and will even offer a preliminary test with special equipment to see if they're correct when determining their BAC.

Some bar and restaurant owners say they're trying to cooperate, but think the program is intrusive and is excessive when combined with their responsible drinking programs already in place.

Police say the program has worked in other areas to educate drinkers and reduce accidents later on the highway.