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Cleanup of oil spill in Toro Creek, in the Carpinteria area, is complete

MTO BC Ederer
A team at the scene of an oil spill in Toro Canyon.

The cause is still under investigation, but an old oil well suspected.

Authorities say they’ve finished the cleanup of an oil spill in a South Coast creek.

The oil was first discovered in Toro Creek, in the Carpinteria area on January 1. More than 50 people were involved in a week-long cleanup effort. The oil never made it as far as the ocean, or to beaches.

There’s no word on the amount of oil involved in the spill. The cause is under investigation, but there is an old capped well dating back to the 1880’s in the area. It was involved in some leakage nearly two years ago.

The state’s Oiled Wildlife Care Network was active, but there is no word of any injured wildlife.

Lance Orozco has been News Director of KCLU since 2001, providing award-winning coverage of some of the biggest news events in the region, including the Thomas and Woolsey brush fires, the deadly Montecito debris flow, the Borderline Bar and Grill attack, and Ronald Reagan's funeral.