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Federal prosecutors say Ventura County gang member gets 13 year prison sentence for drug trafficking

 A Santa Barbara County man has been convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the death someone trying to break up a confrontation.
Bill Oxford
Prosecutors say gang member was convicted of six felony drug dealing charges.

They say he worked for the Mexican Mafia, controlling drug dealers in Ventura County.

Federal prosecutors say he was a Ventura County drug dealer who worked for the Mexican Mafia, trying to control the drug trade in the county. Now, Armando Molina has been sentenced to more than 13 years in federal prison after being convicted of drug trafficking.

Prosecutors say he and fellow gang members targeted gangs in the county, making them pay a tax to the Mexican Mafia for the right to be able to sell drugs.

Molina was arrested in 2013, following a year-long sting operation involving an FBI informant. The Ventura man was convicted of six felony drug dealing charges.

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