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Whoa! South Coast extreme skateboarder, who's hit 80 mph, featured in film premiering in Hollywood

Courtesy of DMG Pictures LLC
Extreme skateboarder Nick Broms in action.

The UC Santa Barbara student takes on some of the steepest hills in California. The documentary has its world premiere at the Dances With Films Film Festival.

A new documentary takes us along as a world champion downhill skateboarder challenges some of the steepest highway roads in California, sometimes topping 80 miles per hour.

"I would equate it to you drank seven cups of coffee, and are taking the SAT," said skateboarder Nick Broms.

Nick Broms: What’s the Rush is a film about an extreme sport, but it’s also a movie about pursuing your dreams. The 19-year-old skateboarder and Director Donovan Griffin teamed up to make the documentary.

They wanted to raise awareness about the sport. But, Griffin said it's also about telling the story of a young man pursuing his passion.

Broms and Griffin were neighbors in San Diego County. They knew each other because Griffin is best friends with Broms' older brother.

What started as the idea for a short film soon turned into a feature film length documentary. Broms tackles some downright scary hills at times, traveling faster than a car's speed limit.

Because some of the hills are dangerous for inexperienced skateboarders, the documentary doesn’t specifically identify them. But, some are in Santa Barbara County.

Griffin said shooting the UC Santa Barbara student barreling down hills, and even crossing the Golden Gate bridge was challenging. They used some retro video cameras like the one used to shoot early skateboard films. They had a chase car which would travel less than a foot away from Broms as he would speed downhill. And, they used strap on cameras, as well as drones.

The end result is breathtaking, especially the video shot on scenic mountain roads. The documentary is an eye-opener for audiences, but especially for Broms' mother, who came along one day to see him in action.

Broms admits even though he loves downhill skateboarding, and is a two times junior world champ, he pushed his abilities to the limit for the 78-minute long documentary.

Courtesy of DMG Pictures LLC
Nick Broms on the Golden Gate Bridge as part of the new documentary about his extreme skateboarding adventures.

Griffin said he’s inspired by Broms' passion, and hopes the documentary they’ve produced will inspire others.

"We want to bring this inspirational story to life... let people see this... and hopefully they'll gain that inspiration, and take it upon themselves to do that thing they think is unrealistic, or that they shouldn't pursue," said Griffin.

Nick Broms: What’s the Rush is making its world premiere Friday night during the 25th annual Dances With Films Film Festival in Hollywood.

It’s a big night for the film’s star and its filmmaker, with the premiere taking place at the legendary TCL Chinese 6 Theatres.

"I would rather do this every day, and die when we're doing it, and be happy with my life, than have never have found it," said Broms.

Trailer for Nick Broms: What's The Rush