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Updated Ventura County numbers out for June primary election, but no major changes in key races

Ventura County's Measures A, B still loosing by more than 5,000 vote margins in latest vote count.

Measures A, B still losing; plus challenger still has substantial lead over current Ventura County Sheriff.

New numbers just released from Tuesday’s June primary election show that Ventura County’s controversial Measures A and B related to oil and gas drilling are still losing.

The measures would require companies doing new drilling on land where they have old permits meet the latest environmental standards, instead of being grandfathered in under old rules. Both A and B are losing by 52% to 48% margins. The no vote is leading by more than 5,000 votes in both cases.

And, the new numbers in the Ventura County Sheriff’s race still shows that the current sheriff appears to be losing his reelection bid. Ventura County Sheriff’s Commander Jim Fryhoff is leading current Sheriff Bill Ayub by a 56% to 44% margin.

And, the Second District Supervisorial race still appears to be headed to a runoff in November. Claudia Bill De La Pena still stands at 49% of the vote, just shy of the majority needed to win outright. Jeff Gorrell received 37% of the vote, so the two could face each other in the general election.

Ventura County Elections officials say the next numbers update will be on June 14.