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Federal gun control bill authored by Santa Barbara congressman passed by House of Representatives

A Santa Barbara congressman is hoping to get passage of his legislation to help limit the availability of guns to people who might pose a risk to themselves, or others.
Jay Rembert
A Santa Barbara congressman's bill to try to limit access to guns among people who are deemed to pose a threat to themselves, or others has been passed by the House of Representatives.

"Red Flag" legislation would limit access to guns by those deemed to pose a risk to themselves, or others.

A bill by a Santa Barbara congressman intended to limit access to guns among people who are at risk of hurting themselves, or others has cleared a key hurdle.

The House of Representatives passed bipartisan “red flag” legislation authored by Democratic Congressman Salud Carbajal. “Red flag” laws can restrict the sales of guns to people who may pose a risk to themselves or others, and can allow them to be temporarily taken away from those considered to be a hazard.

California is one of 19 states which already have “Red Flag” laws. The bill provides incentives for other states to pass similar legislation.

It was passed as part of a package of proposals by the House, which also include banning the sale of some semi-automatic weapons to those under 21. The legislation now goes to the Senate, where getting passage is expected to be much more difficult.

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