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Home lawn watering limited to one day a week; new drought related restrictions for Conejo Valley

Victor Furtuna
Homeowners and businesses in Thousand Oaks are facing new water use restrictions as a result of the drought.

Homeowners can only water one day a week during weekends. Pools and spas can't be drained and refilled.

A South Coast city is the latest place in the Tri-Counties to announce that residents will have to make major mandatory cuts in water use as a result of the drought.

The City of Thousand Oaks is limiting home and business landscaping watering to one day a week. Odd number addresses can water on Saturdays, and even number addresses on Sundays. People can hand water trees and bushes as needed.

Active use areas like parks, schools, and golf courses can water twice a week.

And, there are some big requirements for pools, and spas. Pools must be covered during the day, and the draining and re-filling of pools and spas is banned.

Thousand Oaks officials say the community needs to cut its water use by 50% to avoid a total ban on outdoor water use.