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'Math Week' event in Ventura County tries to engage kids with stories, games

Chris Liverani
Ventura County Office of Education launches ambitious week-long project to get kids excited about math.

Ambitious project tries to get 500,000 minutes of family time on website this week.

Math was a fun subject in school for some, and tough for others. A unique project in Ventura County is trying to get kids excited about math.

The Ventura County Office of Education is using games and stories to try to get families to take part in an online math-a-thon which tries to make math fun.

Lisa Salas Brown is the county’s Associate Superintendent of Educational Services. "It's all around literacy, and games, " said Brown. "Let's let kids read, and let's let them play games, and as they're playing, let's let them learn a little more about math."

Ventura County’s Math Week has an ambitious goal of getting families to spend 500,000 minutes of time on the website this week.

And, families don’t have to be from Ventura County to play. You can be anywhere in the region to play the free games.