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Water district imposes some of the toughest water use restrictions in the region

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District is trying to reduce water usage for landscaping, to try to stop or at least delay an outright ban on outdoor watering.

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District cuts outdoor water use.

A water district serving parts of the Conejo Valley is imposing some of the toughest watering restrictions in the region as a result of the drought. The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District reduced the amount of water customers can use for outdoor irrigation from 75% to 50% of normal.

District officials say if they can decrease water use through the restriction, it could prevent, or at least delay a total ban on outdoor watering.

Currently, district customers who use more than 150% of their water budgets can be penalized.

The Las Virgenes District serves Westlake Village and Agoura Hills, as well as parts of Western Los Angeles County. It doesn’t have its own wells, and is completely reliant on the Metropolitan Water District for water.