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Central, South Coast communities sending brush clearance notices in preparation for high fire season

City of Ventura
The Ventura Fire Department is stepping up brush fire clearance inspections on properties in the city, and also charging for the service for the first time.

City of Ventura sending out 6,500 notices to property owners, and stepping up inspections.

While rain would be welcome for the Central and South Coasts, most of the region has had very little of it for the last few months. Unless we get some significant spring rainfall, we could be in for a rough wildfire season.

Some communities are sending out brush clearance notices, to try to create defensible space around homes, and other structures.

The City of Ventura is in the process of sending out 6,500 notices to property owners, reminding them they need to have at least 100 feet of brush clearance. The work must be done by May 18th.

The Ventura Fire Department is trying to get out to inspect all of the properties. In the past, it was checking less than 10% of them annually. For the first time, it will also bill for the service, charging about $39.00 per inspection.