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Blast rocks South Coast restaurant; Police say it wasn't an accident

Santa Barbara Police
A man has been arrested following what police say was an intentional explosion at a Santa Barbara restaurant Tuesday night.

No one hurt in Tuesday night incident at Santa Barbara restaurant.

A man has been arrested in connection with what investigators say was an intentional explosion at a South Coast restaurant. It happened Tuesday night, on Harbor Way in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Police say a man walked out of a restroom, and threw an object near the kitchen area which then exploded.

Detectives determined it was a flash-bang device used by law enforcement officers and the military to create sound, and light diversions. No one was hurt.

Witnesses led police to Eric Carl Strand, who had returned to the table where he was eating. The Goleta man was arrested on two felony charges, including possessing an explosive device, and exploding a destructive device.