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South Coast based non-profit sends team to Eastern Europe to assess needs of Ukrainian refugees

Supplies from one of the ShelterBox kits typically deployed to those in need in disaster or crisis zones.

ShelterBox supplies tents, home essentials like solar lamps to disaster and crisis zones around the world.

A South Coast based non-profit known for helping people around the world in crisis with tents, and other essential living supplies, is deploying a team to Eastern Europe to help with the Ukrainian crisis.

ShelterBox USA officials say more than ten million people may be displaced by the war, with as many as four million people fleeing Ukraine into neighboring countries.

The team from the Santa Barbara-based relief organization will try to figure out what types of resources are needed to help the huge number of refugees, so it can start shipping needed supplies.

ShelterBox routinely provides families in disaster and crisis zones with emergency tents, as well as other essentials like water filters, solar lights, kitchen sets, and tools.