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Ventura County quake rattles parts of Southern California

A magnitude 4.0 quake with an epicenter near Santa Paula Saturday night was felt in much of Southern California.

A magnitude 4.0 quake, near Santa Paula, was the largest of 10 earthquakes in the region over a two-day period.

Maybe you felt it. A magnitude 4.0 quake with an epicenter in Ventura County rocked much of Southern California Saturday night.

The quake hit at 5:44 p.m., and was centered about four miles northwest of Santa Paula. In addition to some people in Ventura County, others reported feeling it in parts of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties.

There have been no reports of injuries or damage.

There have been 10 small quakes in that area during the last two days, but most were less than 2.0, and too small to be felt.

There was an earthquake swarm in the same general area two weeks ago, but Saturday night's 4.0 is the strongest recorded this month.