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Santa Ana winds hitting parts of South Coast move Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl practice to Rose Bowl

Los Angeles Rams
The Rams are moving their Thursday Super Bowl workous from Thousand Oaks to Pasadena because of the windy weather.

Team was set to meet at their practice facility in Thousand Oaks Thursday, but instead headed to Pasadena.

Santa Ana wind conditions could create some record winter temperatures for parts of the Central and South Coast between now and the weekend. The weather in our region is even changing preparation efforts by the Los Angeles Rams for this weekend’s Super Bowl game.

For the Central and South Coasts, Ventura County is seeing the biggest impact.

Wind in the 25 to 30 mile an hour range is being reported, with gusts to around 50 miles an hour possible.

That wind prompted the Los Angeles Rams to move Thursday’s scheduled workouts for the Super Bowl from their training facility in Thousand Oaks, to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

The strongest wind is expected Thursday, with the heat wave easing through Super Bowl weekend.