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Central Coast jail reports new COVID-19 surge

Tim Hufner
The San Luis Obispo County Jail is reporting a new COVID-19 outbreak impacting dozens of inmates and staff members.

59 inmates, 23 members test positive at San Luis Obispo County Jail since Christmas.

We’ve been tracking a major new COVID-19 outbreak at Santa Barbara County’s Main Jail for the last month, with the total now up to 218 cases. Fortunately, only one required hospital care, and most were asymptomatic.

Now, there’s word of another big surge at a Central Coast Jail. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is reporting a new outbreak of the virus at the county’s jail complex.

59 inmates and 23 staff members have tested positive since December 26th.

No inmates have needed hospitalization.

All new inmates are being tested when they enter the jail system. And, all inmates are being offered vaccinations. All staff members are being tested on a weekly basis regardless of vaccination status.