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Grand Jury rejects financial wrongdoing, grade manipulation charges against Central Coast college

Allan Hancock College
The Santa Barbara County Grand Jury investigated, and rejected claims of corruption at a Central Coast college.

Santa Barbara County Grand Jury says there is no evidence to back claims against Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria.

A new Santa Barbara County Grand jury report found there is no evidence supporting allegations of financial corruption, and grade mismanagement at a Central Coast college.

The Grand Jury was asked to investigate charges at wrongdoing at Allan Hancock College, in Santa Maria. A just-released report says there’s no evidence to back claims of mismanagement of an emergency loan program for disadvantaged students.

It also found issues raised over the security of Hancock’s “College Now” grading system were unfounded, and that the system is secure.

And, the report rejected claims of improper personnel management.

The report does call on the college to upgrade its financial management software to improve transparency. It also suggests hiring an outside firm to survey faculty and staff on how to improve communications with the administration.