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Sewage spill reported in Ventura County community

City of Thousand Oaks Image
An estimated 20,000 gallon oil spill has been reported in the Conejo Valley.

Officials say multiple sewage line blockages appear to be cause.

A Ventura County community has been hit by a 20,000 gallon raw sewage spill.

Ventura County Environmental Health officials say in started on Friday, in the Lynn Ranch area of Thousand Oaks. A spill was discovered in the open space of Arroyo Conejo Canyon’s South Fork area. Thousand Oaks Public Works crews say it was the result of a hard to get to plugged line. It took about five hours to fix the issue.

But, there was another problem, and a second spill in the same area on Saturday.

It was estimated about 20,000 gallons of sewage spilled onto the ground, with some ending up in Arroyo Conejo Creek.