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South Coast man gets 27 year prison sentence for death of person who tried to break up fight.

Bill Oxford/Unsplash
A Santa Barbara County is headed to state prison after he knocked out someone during a fight, and that person hit his head on the ground and died.

Death comes as a result of disturbance in Carpinteria.

A man who was trying to break up a fight on the South Coast died, after he was knocked down and hit his head on a concrete slab. Now, the man responsible for the attack is headed to state prison.

Prosecutors say Scott Robert Fleming knocked out Eric Romero as the victim was trying to stop a fight in Carpinteria. Romero hit the ground, and later died at a hospital.

Fleming led the scene, and was arrested several days later in Ventura. A jury convicted him voluntary manslaughter, and other charges for the July, 2019 death.

This week, Fleming received a 27 year state prison sentence.