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Mystery solved, with missing 75-year-old Ventura County man found safe at U.S.-Mexico border

Oxnard Police Department
Authorities say Javier Martinez of Oxnard, who disappeared moments after getting off a bus at the Oxnard Transportation September 24, actually was in Mexico for the last week. He's been reunited with his family,

Detectives say he apparently spent a week in Mexico without informing his family.

An elderly man who disappeared a week ago on the South Coast, and was the focus of a search has been found safe, and sound.

Javier Martinez of Oxnard disappeared September 24. The 75-year-old man was last seen getting off a bus at the Oxnard transportation Center.

But, he was found Friday morning at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Oxnard Police say he was fine. He had staying in Mexico for the last week.

Martinez has been reunited with his family.