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South Coast Airport Gets Major Grant To Redo Runway

Oxnard Airport as seen from the air
(USGS photo)
Oxnard Airport as seen from the air

Oxnard Airport gets $14.4 million dollars from Federal Aviation Administration

A South Coast airport is getting major repairs, thanks to a federal grant. Oxnard Airport is getting a $14.4 million dollars to repave its runway.

The Federal Aviation Administration funded project will ensure the airport’s 5900 foot long runway meets flight standards into the 2040’s. The airport is used by a combination of aviation businesses and private plane owners.

The 200 acre plus airport was created by Ventura County in the 1930’s starting as a dirt airstrip. Famed pilot and businessman Howard Hughes kept one of his experimental racing planes at the field during the 1930’s.

During World War II, the military took over the airport, using it until the Naval Air Station at Point Mugu was completed. It’s had on and off commercial airline service over the decades, but it has been several years since being served regularly by a carrier.