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New Electrical Storage Facility Completed On South Coast

Arevon Asset Management Saticoy
(Photo Courtesy Arevon Asset Management)
Arevon Asset Management
The new Saticoy clean energy facility can supply enough electricity to power all of Ventura County for a half hour.

What’s being called one of the largest energy storage sites of its type in the nation has just been completed in Ventura County.

The Saticoy Battery Storage Project can generate 100 megawatts of power.

The storage facility includes more than 140 Tesla Megapack batteries.

The battery batteries are charged during off peak hours to help meet peak demand.

The batteries can create enough electricity to power all of Ventura County for 30 minutes, or the City of Oxnard for four hours. Southern California Edison signed a 20-year deal to by the power from the facility.

The project was fast tracked through the development process as a clean energy alternative to building a new natural gas power plant for use during peak demand periods.