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Federal Government Sets Stage For Wind Power Project Off Central Coast

(Trident Winds image)
Trident Winds has been proposing offshore wind fields off the Central Coast

It could be largest project of its type in United States

The Central Coast could become home to an offshore wind power project which would be the largest of its type in the nation.

It’s an idea that’s been talked about for years, but the effort stalled because the Navy’s concern it might limit offshore testing and training activities.

Democratic Congressman Salud Carbajal added an amendment to the 2021 defense spending bill which led to the Navy saying it would work to help find a suitable area for the project.

The target area for the development is nearly 4000 square miles of ocean, ranging from 17 to 40 miles off the San Luis Obispo County coastline. The floating facility would create enough clean electricity to power about 1.6 million homes.

After the proposal is finalized, it will still need to undergo an public environmental review process.