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People In Ventura County Can Now Use Mobile Phones To Text 9-1-1 In An Emergency

(KCLU photo)

Provides new support for those who are deaf, hard of hearing

People in Ventura County now have a new way of reaching out for help in an emergency. If for some reason you can’t make a voice call on your mobile phone, you can text a message to 9-1-1.

The new service is available for law enforcement and fire department calls in Ventura County. It will provide a new resource for people who are deaf, or hard-of-hearing.

Public safety officials say calls are still preferred, because it’s a quicker way for dispatchers to ask critical questions.

If the 9-1-1 text service isn’t available in your area, you will get a bounceback text telling you to make a voice call. And, the text service won’t work if your phone is roaming, or if the wireless carrier can’t lock in your location.