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Prosecutors Say Some Medical Patient Records In Ventura County Accidentally Sold In Storage Unit Auction


No Data Breaches Discovered

Ventura County prosecutors say they’ve reached a settlement with a doctor’s group over the mishandling of some patient records which ended up accidently being sold in a public auction.

Prosecutors say the Adventist Health Physicians Network in Simi Valley had stored some patient files in a storage unit. They say after failing to make some rental payments, the contents of the Simi Valley storage unit were sold in a public auction.

Fortunately, the mistake was discovered. Investigators say the medical files were recovered. It was determined the personal identifying information wasn’t compromised.

The DA’s Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit reached a settlement with the doctor’s group, which includes $40,000 in civil penalties. The DA’s office says the Adventist group has also enacted safeguards to prevent similar mistakes.