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UCSB Scholar, Graduate Students Create Social Justice Handbook Series


The UC Santa Barbara scholar says that while the social upheaval of last years has felt new, it’s part of a terrible pattern we’ve seen for generations.

The killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor reignited calls of reform for social justice issues which have existed for decades, but unfortunately only seem to draw attention while there’s yet another incident.

A UC Santa Barbara scholar says while last year's events felt new,or different to many people, in fact it’s terrible pattern we’ve seen for generations.

She came up with an idea to give people, especially the younger generation, some perspective. The result is the Social Justice Handbook Series, a curated collection of essays and articles.

Dr. Stephanie Leigh Batiste is a UC Santa Barbara English professor. Dr. Batiste says there’s an amazing amount of literature on the subject from over the decades, but much of it isn’t available to the general public.

The Black Scholar is one of the most respected literary journals in the nation, so Batiste, and some UCSB English department graduate students joined forces with it to create the resource.

You can find a link to the Social Justice Handbook Series here.