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The clam, the butterfly and the fox - a comeback story

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Once upon a time there was a clam, a butterfly and a fox. They all called the central California Coast their home. They lived happily among trees, on mostly uninhabited islands and hidden under the sand on the beach.

But then they all almost disappeared. Why? Some because of human activity – for others, who knows.

But this tale does have a happy ending because all these creatures are coming back… some, really quickly.

On this episode of The One Oh One – the Pismo Beach Clam, the Monarch Butterfly and the Channel Island Fox... a comeback story.

You can read the digital version of this episode here.

Michelle oversees digital products at KCLU and is the host and creator of the station's first award-winning podcast The One Oh One. The podcast has won a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award, an RTNA 'Best Podcast' award and an LA Press Club award.