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Microfibers: the type of plastic you might not realize is polluting our oceans

Annie Spratt
When we wash certain types of clothing in a washing machine, like garments made of polyester, nylon or fleece, thousands of microfibers are shed from that clothing that ultimately end up in the ocean. A group of local scientists set out to discover how polluted the Ventura County region is with this type of plastic pollution.

It’s not just microplastics that are polluting the ocean with plastic. The blame also goes to that comfy fleece jacket you recently sent for a spin in your washing machine.

Thousands of microfibers are shed from certain types of clothing when we wash it and those plastic microfibers ultimately end up in the ocean.

For the last four years, scientists in Thousand Oaks have been studying the presence of microfibers in the local waterways and marine life around Ventura County. They’ve found they are in everything from deep sea fish to watershed sediment.

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