ventura county grand jury

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report is calling on the county to more closely monitor the drug treatment programs it provides through private contractors.

The county has a deal with Aegis Treatment Centers and Western Pacific Medical Company to operate five treatment clinics in the county.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says the public is poorly informed about the availability of disposal bins for unwanted drugs in the county, and that the amount of prescription drugs actually collected is being overreported.

The county has safe disposal bins at a number of Sheriff's Office and police stations. But, the report says most people are unaware of their availability.

An annual Grand Jury review of Ventura County’s detention facilities shows that while none of them received excellent ratings, everything received satisfactory marks. No major problems were identified.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says the county’s schools could do a much better job of explaining their sex education program to parents, so they can decide whether they want their children to participate.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says cities, and special districts need to do more to insure that all of the sports leagues which use their facilities have policies to protect against injuries, or child physical or sexual abuse.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says people served by a coastal community services district are being overcharged.

The Grand Jury examined the funding for the Seabridge Community Facilities District #4, which serves some 500 property owners in Oxnard’s Mandalay Beach area. The district is intended to help pay for essential but unfunded services for the 150 acre area.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says some special districts in the county have skirted elections for decades.

Special Districts are local agencies which provide services like water, and wastewater treatment, and are run by boards of directors. But, a new Ventura County Grand Jury report says some districts haven’t had elections for years.

A new Grand Jury report says the 10 cities in Ventura County don’t have adequate long term plans to deal with a major disruption of water supplies, and long term droughts.

The Ventura County Grand Jury says the current efforts are the basic minimum needed to meet state mandated planning requirements.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says that the county needs to improve its internal auditing procedures.

The County Auditor/Controller’s office has an Internal Audit Division, which looks it whether taxpayer dollars are being used efficiently, and effectively. But, the Grand Jury says you can’t tell if the dozen or so audits done annually have led to cost savings. It also says a wish list of potential future performance audits is unrealistically long, with nearly 100 subjects.

This year’s elections once again raised big issues about campaign spending.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says while information on spending on local races was available in the county, it was sometimes difficult to find.

The Grand Jury started an investigation after receiving a complaint about the difficulty of accessing records. The panel says that in many cases, the only way to access required campaign spending filings at the county level, or in the county’s ten cities is in person. The report says it most cases, you can’t find the information online.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says some county employees who are eligible for overtime aren’t receiving it because they aren’t classified properly.

Some 25% of county employees are designated as exempt, and the report says while most legitimately are, some might actually fall into the non-exempt category.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report into complaints that the City of Ventura isn’t making public information readily available finds that the city is doing a good job overall.

The Grand Jury notes that the compliance rate for the timely release of records has climbed from 85% in 2014 to 92% last year. The report includes a number of recommendations to do a better job of tracking requests to insure they are being met.

The city uses a contractor to handle Freedom of Information Act requests, which can now be done online.