Ventura County

The death toll continues to rise from coronavirus on the Central and South Coasts, with ten additional deaths reported over the weekend.

Ventura County had six more deaths, Santa Barbara County one, and San Luis Obispo County three.  It brings the total number of coronavirus related deaths in the region since the start of the pandemic to 267.  About three quarters who died were adults over 50 with preexisting health conditions.

Two additional coronavirus related deaths have been reported on the Central and South Coasts.  Both new deaths were in Santa Barbara County.

The death toll continues to mount, with the region now at 257 deaths as of Friday.  The total includes 129 deaths in Ventura County, 105 in Santa Barbara County, and 23 in San Luis Obispo County.  Most deaths were older adults with pre-existing health conditions.

Four new coronavirus related deaths were reported on the Central and South Coasts today, bringing the region’s total to 237.  Ventura County had two additional deaths, as did San Luis Obispo County.  Ventura County has now had 118 deaths, Santa Barbara County 97, and San Luis Obispo County 22.

Ventura County tentatively approved a plan which will serve as a blueprint for managing growth in the county for the next 20 years.  Ventura County Supervisors voted 3-to-2 Tuesday for a proposed new general plan.

The number of coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts has hit an unfortunate milestone. The number of cases now tops the 20,000 mark.

271 new cases were reported in the region Friday.  The current total is 20,013.

Ventura County is joining Santa Barbara County in opening the doors for some schools to resume in-person classes.

Ventura County Public Health Officer Robert Levin says getting waivers won’t be easy for school districts.  They will have to meet a lot of criteria to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff.  He says while there are lots of concerns, the benefits of allowing reopening outweigh the risks.

A brush fire has charred more than a thousand acres of land in a remote part of Ventura County. The Holser Fire is burning outside of Piru. An evacuation order has been issued for the Piru Canyon Road area. The flames are moving east, away from Piru and towards Los Angeles County.

There’s some encouraging coronavirus news on the Central and South Coasts.  Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties are reporting the lowest numbers of new cases that they have had in days.

Ventura County had 50 new diagnosed cases, Santa Barbara County 16, and San Luis Obispo County 23.

Friday was a tough day in the battle against coronavirus on the Central and South Coasts, with eight deaths and more than 200 new cases reported. Ventura County has had seven additional deaths, and Santa Barbara County one more. 

Ventura County firefighters make all kinds of rescues, but they did some this week which will probably be talked about for a long time.  Some firefighters used CPR and oxygen to revive some chickens overcome by smoke.

A judge granted a temporary restraining order sought by Ventura County against a church which has been defying cornavirus safety orders. Ventura County officials say Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park has repeatedly held large worship services in defiance of state and county coronavirus safety orders limiting large indoor gatherings.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis Police, and the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, the relationship between police and the public has been a hot topic. 

A forum on the intersection of race and law enforcement is taking place Wednesday night in Ventura County.

Some Ventura County residents are among those across the country who’ve received mysterious packets of seeds from China.  County Agricultural officials are asking people not to open the packets, and to turn them in.

Ventura County is moving to beef up its mental health services.  The county is going to add ten nurses as part of efforts to expand its Hillmont Inpatient Psychiatric Unit from 30 to 36 beds. 

Despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis, unemployment numbers are showing big improvement for the state, as well as for the Central and South Coasts.